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A Functional Approach to Chronic Disease & Regenerative Medicine for Musculoskeletal Pain

Total Credits: 1.5 including 1.5 AOA Category 1-A Credit(s)

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MOMS - Minnesota
Kathleen Hopkins, DO |  Heidi Robertson, MD
1 Hour 33 Minutes
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A Functional Medicine Approach to Chronic Disease

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the key concept of using a Functional Medicine approach to chronic disease.
  • Give an example of research conducted at  the Institute for Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic showing that FM improves outcomes and costs decrease in Fatigue Autoimmunity & Mood.
  • Recognize the signifigance of the microbiome and how it impacts patient outcomes. 

Disclosure:  Dr. Hopkins has no actual or potential conflicts of interest in relation to this program or presentation.

Regenerative Medicine for Musculoskeletal Pain

Learning Objectives: 
1. List the types of regenerative treatments available.
2. Describe how regenerative treatments work to reduce pain.

Disclosure: Dr. Robertson has no actual or potential conflicts of interest in relation to this program or presentation.



Kathleen Hopkins, DO's Profile

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Kathleen G Hopkins DO, IFMCP, AIHM Fellow, is a board certified family physician whose passion for Integrative Medicine began over 20 years ago while doing fieldwork in Ayurvedic Medicine. It was through combining the philosophies of Ayurveda with the practice of family medicine that she had watched growing up as the daughter of a small town Iowa doctor, that she was able to resolve her own chronic GI, pain and skin issues that she had experienced since childhood. She has found that Functional Medicine training has allowed her to combine her love of the patient’s narrative as well as the evaluation of the microbiome, genetic makeup, metabolics, movement, sleep, nutrition, relationships and sense of purpose. She believes that health is a dynamic balance and that medicine should be patient centered versus disease centered

Heidi Robertson, MD's Profile

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Doctor Heidi Robertson’s love for helping started in high school after participating in a mission trip. Dr. Robertson began her medical training in southern California where she graduated with her medical degree at Loma Linda Medical University in 2002. She trained at the renowned Loma Linda Medical Center for Anesthesiology, graduating in 2007 and was board certified in 2008. In 2012 Dr. Robertson began to feel a pull toward regenerative medicine. She realized the hope that could bring many patients by using prolotherapy and other forms of regenerative medicine. Doctor Robertson has always believed that bringing hope and healing to patients, is one of the greatest privileges she can have in this life. Watching patients with chronic pain even after many surgeries prompted her to research the possibilities of reversing or curing such pain. She completed the extensive Hackett-Hemwall training for prolotherapy in Honduras and eventually became a teacher to others. She also completed the IOF/Regenexx training for musckuloskeletal injections of stem cells and PRP in 2017. Dr. Robertson owns her own clinic in Edina Minnesota called Rejuv Medical.

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