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Glyphosate: The Secret Ingredient Behind the Rising Gut Micro-Biome Disruption & Resurgence of Measles and Mumps

Total Credits: 2 including 2 AOA Category 1-A Credit(s)

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Katarina Lindley |  Shanhong Lu, M.D., PhD
1 Hour 32 Minutes
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Glyphosate: The Secret Ingredient Behind the Rising Gut Micro-Biome Disruption, Systemic Inflammation Affecting Neuroendocrine, Immune and Metabolic Systems
Shanhong Lu, MD, PhD
For the past 20 years, health care professionals from many disciplines are seeing an alarming increase in chronic diseases, particularly involving younger generations. This workshop intends to begin with the discovery of the micro biomes in the human digestive tract and the both local and systemic effects of this powerful ecosystem within each of us on our body and mind. The question about who is killing our micro biome will be discussed and its disease mechanisms will be explored. A clinical practical stepwise approach will be discussed with attendees in regard to how to select appropriate patients, how to detect and detox and follow up with these patients.

  1. Review the emerging science regarding the influence of microbiome on human health and diseases
  2. Overview the history of glyphosate (main ingredient in herbicide roundup), its explosive usage IN THE WORLD, the creation of roundup ready GMO crops, common routes of and human
  3. Discuss the potential mechanisms of glyphosate
  4. Explore multiple modifiable clinical tools to detection, document, prevent and address the recent rise in the neuroimmune inflammation

Resurgence of Measles and Mumps
Katarina Lindley, DO

  1. Overview of current data of infective rates in US and increase in cases
  2. Correlation with anti-vaccination movement and travel from other countries
  3. Current diagnosis and treatment options
  4. How can we do better?



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Dr. Lindley was born in Split, Croatia and now resides in Texas with her husband and five children. She did her undergraduate degree in Biology at Florida Atlantic University and then graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2004. She did her residency in family medicine in Florida and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Lindley is the owner of Eagle Medical Center Direct Primary Care in Brock, TX. Dr. Lindley is fluent in Croatian and Italian and can speak some Spanish as well. She is an avid reader, loves music and spending time with her family.

Shanhong Lu, M.D., PhD's Profile

Shanhong Lu, M.D., PhD Related seminars and products: 1

Dr. Shanhong Lu is a third-generation female medical doctor. She grew up with two traditions of medicine: her grandmother was a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and her mom was the first female cardiologist and professor of medicine. Dr. Lu holds an MD, and a PhD in Human Physiology, and was postdoctoral fellowship trained in Genetics of Hypertension. Dr. Lu is a published author in hypertension research and a public speaker for environmental health and sustainable health care.  She is double board certified in Internal Medicine and in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She also strongly believes in optimizing women’s hormones through biorhythmic bioidentical dosing.  Her interest in the root causes of chronic diseases was inspired by her trials and errors healing not only her own endocrine and autoimmune challenges, but also thousands of people with serious complex medical issues.

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