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Cynthia Penkala

Cynthia (Cindy) Penkala, CMM, CMPE, CMSCS, provides assistance to osteopathic physicians and their practices on issues impacting the daily operations of the practice. She raises awareness of issues that may impact osteopathic physicians and their practices and oversees the development of member education to assist physicians. Cindy interacts with private sector payers advocating for osteopathic physicians and promoting osteopathic medicine.  She also is responsible for connecting with vendors that offer services that may help osteopathic physicians and establishing a relationship that enhances AOA membership benefits.

With over 36 years working in the health care industry including; eight plus years of medical association experience, 18 years managing physician practices, working as a consultant, owning her own billing service, and an additional 8 years working in the medical field in general, Cindy uses her versatile skill set to help physicians and their practices be successful. She does this through a continual focus on service offerings, investigation, education, process improvement and a solid background in healthcare services, organizational management, medical billing, and personnel recruiting.