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Jon Porter, JD

Attorney Jon Porter is a partner with the law firm of McDonald, Mackay, Porter & Weitz, LLP in Austin, Texas. With an extensive background handling legal, regulatory, and licensure issues, Jon Porter has built a reputation for being an experienced and highly skilled professional license defense attorneys. Before attending law school, Mr. Porter was a licensed investigator for the Texas Medical Board for several years. Since becoming an attorney in 1999, Mr. Porter has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors. He was previously an appellate attorney for a large Houston-based law firm, writing briefs for various courts including the US Supreme Court and the Texas Supreme Court. In the public sector, Mr. Porter was a legislative aide for Texas Representative Senfronia Thompson. Mr. Porter returned to the Texas Medical Board as a prosecuting attorney and later became the Director of Enforcement and Compliance. Mr. Porter joined McDonald, Mackay, Porter & Weitz, LLP as a partner in 2003. His current practice focuses primarily on physician and health license defense, general administrative law, and professional licensing for health care providers. He frequently works with health care professionals who are experiencing chemical or mental impairment, standard of care issues, licensure matters and boundary issues. Mr. Porter is frequently called on for speaking on topics of medical regulation and medical-ethical issues. 

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Albert Yurvati, DO, PhD and Jeff McDonald, JD/Jon Porter, JD

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