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Karry Smith, PhD, MPH

Dr. Karry Smith earned a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Iowa. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 2014 and is currently a Medical Writing Manager at Greenwich Biosciences, the company that makes the FDA-approved, cannabinoid-based product Epidiolex. In 2019, Dr. Smith earned a graduate certificate in cannabinoid pharmacology from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.
Dr. Smith has longstanding interests in pain medicine, addiction, opioids, and cannabinoids. To that end, she is currently pursuing a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree at Johns Hopkins in Health Policy and Management and hopes to focus her research on pain and the safety of cannabinoids co-administered with opioids. She is passionate about education and is currently co-teaching a special topics course to healthcare students at Des Moines University that focuses on pain management and associated issues.

Dr. Smith is an employee of Greenwich Biosciences/GW Pharma.  She was previously (withing the past 12 months) a paid consultant for MedPharm Iowa, a state-licensed medical cannabis manufacturer.



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Pain Management Package - MAOPS
Jolene Smith |  Karry Smith, PhD, MPH
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The goal of this lecture is to understand the evolution of pain management, treatment with opioids, overdose epidemic, and currently accepted be practices for treating patients.

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