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Matthew Doty, DO

Matthew Doty, DO is a 2016 graduate of LECOM. He has participated in FOMA Conventions & Seminars as a table trainer and speaker since 2017.

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OMT Bundle: Sacral Insufficiency Fractures; Sports Medicine-The Knee; Multiregional Counter-Strain Recap.

Total Credits: 2.5 including 2.5 AOA Category 1-A Credit(s)

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Jesse Kemmerlin |  Matthew Doty |  Robert St. Clair |  Jazmine Loman |  Sofia Funes |  Khadija Jackson
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Video Demontrations: OMT Sacral Insufficiency Fractures: Reviews Sacral and Innominate Anatomy, Causes of Low Back and Sacral Pain, OMT and other treatments for Low Back and Sacral Pain. Multiregional...

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