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Merideth Norris, D.O.

Graceful Recovery

Dr. Norris has been working in Maine for over 15 years. Her scope of practice includes osteopathic family medicine, treatment of substance use disorder, treatment of obesity, and pain management, She has worked in emergency departments all over Maine, as well as detox facilities, inpatient treatment environments, methadone clinics and out patient recovery centers. She is medical director of Enso Recovery, as well as having a private practice.  She is frequently seen in the press in the course of her advocacy for available resources for people with substance use disorder, and drafts large amounts of testimony to the state legislation both on opioid policy and on treatment access. She has been interviewed as an addiction expert on both local public radio and the national Reelz network. Recently, Dr. Norris became certified as a Ringside Physician by USA Boxing and became the medical consultant for Susan Elia MacNeal, author of the Maggie Hope detective series.  Dr. Norris has three children, one of each.   


Faculty Disclosure: Dr. Norris has no financial interest, arrangement or affiliation that could be perceived as a real or apparent conflict of interest in the contact or subject of this presentation.



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