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Michael G. Toth

President and Owner

Medfocus Consulting

Dr. Toth is a graduate of the University of Osteopathic Medicine in  Des Moines, IA. After completion of training at the Michiana Community Hospital in South Bend, IN, he started a rural family medicine practice that included a high volume of Worker’s Compensation care.  It soon became apparent that there had to be a better way to deal with the paperwork and hassle of the Worker’s Compensation system and providing occupational medicine services. This became the genesis of a several decade career focused in occupational medicine. His CV includes occupational medicine clinic start-up projects and several Medical Director positions, including with Mayo Health Systems.

Dr. Toth's medical career has included foreign service including work aboard the M/V Caribbean Mercy Hospital Ship as the Chief Medical Officer and later in health care administration for the organization’s global operations. He later served as an administrator during the early phase of construction and development of the Dodoma Christian Medical Center located in the Republic of Tanzania.

He currently practicing as an independent contractor doing clinical occupational medicine in the upper Midwest and is also the president/owner of MedFocus Consulting, which is dedicated to creating and fine tuning occupational medicine clinical delivery systems throughout the country.

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