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Tom Manley

Tom Manley, MBA, has a more than 30-year   tenure with TMF. As president and chief executive officer, he works closely   with the board of trustees and the Management team to ensure TMF continues to   meet its strategic goal of improving quality of health care to all. Mr.   Manley has overall responsibility for the operation of all TMF activity, acting under policies and directives established by the board.

He is responsible for the administration and oversight of all company day-to-day operations, making decisions that affect   both internal and external business relationships, and ensuring the   continuation and completion of efforts toward any new business opportunities.

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Advancements in GI & Texas Medical Foundation Update

Monte Troutman, DO & Tom Manley/Russell Kohl

Total Credits: 2 including 2 AOA Category 1-A Credit(s)

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Monte Troutman |  Russell Kohl |  Tom Manley

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